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How To Invest With Us

On most of our projects, we allow qualified accredited investors to participate with us. We structure our projects so that each new property is acquired in an LLC. We determine the structure of each investment on a deal by deal basis.


Investors are passive in our projects, and will partake in all of the benefits of each project that we acquire, including: Cash flow, profits at sale or refinance, tax benefits (such as depreciation), etc.

Our company will handle all of the transactional and day to day operations of the project, and will qualify for and guarantee the financing. Our structure is designed to be hands off for our investors from start to finish.

The true secret to our success is patience. We are always searching for properties to aquire, but only work on projects that are exceptional and risk adjusted. We do not buy properties for the fee's like many funds. We are interested in long term partnerships with our investor partners.

What to Expect:

Minimum Investment: $100,000 - $250,000 depending on the project

Reporting: Monthly or quarterly summary of operations for each project

Distributions: Monthly or quarterly distributions

Tax Returns: Investors will receive a K1 tax return if they hold equity in a project

NEW INVESTORS - best way to get started is to fill out the form below.


If you are an existing investor you may click the log in button at the top of the page to log in to your online portal.

  • How do I qualify?
    To invest, you must be an accredited investor as defined by the SEC. See All Details Here
  • What is your typical holding period for investments?
    We typically hold projects between 3-5 years before exiting. However, some properties we target 5-10 year hold. In the event of a long term hold, our goal is normally to refinance a property and return investor capital.
  • Do investors get equity in your projects?
    This depends on the specific project. We offer 2 main types of investment structures: 1. Limited Partner, equity owners. Investors will retain a portion of the equity in the project, and sometimes receive a preferred return on their capital along with equity or a portion of the upside in the deal. 2. Preferred equity. Investors receive a flat preferred return on their capital, backed by the cash flow of a property. Typically the flat return would be between 8-12% depending on the deal.
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