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Texas Storage Fund

David Toupin - Tory Sheffer - Zach Hoereth

Who Are We

What Is The Fund

We’ve seen a growing demand for self storage in the central Texas region. Institutional investors are buying everything that they can find near Austin Texas. We have found an incredible niche in finding mom-and-pop owned facilities within the greater Austin area, where the city is rapidly expanding towards.

We intend to raise $10,000,000 in capital to purchase ~10 self storage sites within an hour of Austin, improve them, and sell as a portfolio to an institutional buyer in the next 5 years who will pay a premium for the ability to have a large presence of storage in the Austin area.

We have our first 2 properties under contract already, both of which are underwriting to a 25%+ IRR. 

"The self storage industry is continuing to increase in popularity among investors. Demand has caused cap rates to lower across all classes and in all markets. Large institutional buyers, bringing tremendous financial backing, coupled with historically low interest rates has accelerated this race to the bottom for cap rates in storage. Self storage is a wonderful hedge in a bad economy as well as a tremendous asset in a growing economy. The future remains bright for this asset type."

Fund Structure

  • Total Capital Raise: $10,000,000

  • Minimum Investment: $100,000

  • Hold Period: 4-5 Years

  • Target IRR: 22%+

  • Target Annual Average Return: 25%+

  • Target Equity Multiple: 2.5x

Investment Structure:

Investors Receive 8% Preferred Return and 50% of All Additional Profits and Upside

If you are interested in Investing, please fill out the form in the link below and we will send you the subscription documents electronically to sign and fill out.

Meet The Team


David Toupin

David has been investing in commercial real estate for 6 years and has acquired over $110M in multifamily, commercial, and self storage properties.

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Tory Sheffer

Tory has been in real estate for over 7 years as a licensed associate broker and has been a principal investor in over $80M of commercial multifamily property.


Zach Hoereth

Zach Hoereth, Principal of Hoereth Holdings has invested in multifamily over the last 5 years. Zach has a background in asset acquisition, capital raising, and hands on management.

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